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We can remove your unwanted graffiti! Brick, Stone, Concrete, Sandstone, Slate, Marble, Stucco, Wood, Cars, Trucks Signs Plastics, Terra Cotta: no job is too big or too small for Graffiti Busters. We are the Northwest’s leading graffiti removal company. We have contracts for graffiti removal with many of the local cities. At Graffiti Busters we know that the key to successful removal is using safe and proven cleaning methods combined with properly trained and experienced technicians using the very best equipment. Remember that the best graffiti deterrent is immediate graffiti removal.

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Who does Graffiti and Why?

Tagger Graffiti

This is the majority of graffiti. A tagger adopts a nickname (or "tag") and then writes on public and private property. Tagger writing usually resembles handwriting and is sometimes so stylized it is difficult to read. Letters are commonly intertwined and cartoon-type drawing often accompanies a tag. Tagger graffiti is not territorial since the taggers are determined to place as many tags as possible throughout an area to seek recognition among their peers.

Gang Graffiti

This is the written language of gangs. It can be used to communicate, challenge, make statements or even serve as a roll call. Gang graffiti is usually territorial. Only a small amount of graffiti is gang related.

Graffiti vandals sometimes tag as part of a group or "crew". Most crew graffiti shows the tag name and tag crew. A tag crew can be identified by the initials scrawled somewhere along the tag. There are usually three initials, but sometimes four or two.

Thrill seeking is another motivating factor for some graffiti vandals. Taggers often damage property quite simply for the thrill of overcoming the fear of getting caught and in some cases the fear of high places. Although this sounds odd to most adults, it can be a strong motivator for taggers - most of whom are under 18 years old.

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